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Bamboo & rattan for inclusive and green development
  • New standards for bamboo and rattan

    New standards for bamboo, rattan and derived products will boost international trade and improve quality for consumers.

  • A 21st century building material

    Bamboo has a critical role to play in the provision of safe, sustainable and affordable housing, according to leading construction experts. 

  • Earthquake-resilient buildings

    In Nepal and Ecuador, many are recognising the benefits of harnessing bamboo for post-earthquake recovery efforts.

  • Bamboo's potential in Africa

    Bamboo is attracting increasing interest in Africa. Decision makers should take note. 

  • Reversing land degradation

    Can Ethiopia harness its ample bamboo resources to reverse land degradation and boost local economies?

  • Post-disaster housing

    In post-earthquake Nepal, bamboo offers an affordable, durable and sustainable solution to the country's housing crisis.

  • Climate-smart communities

    A new initiative in China's Guizhou Province is harnessing bamboo to shield communities from the negative effects of climate change.

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