global assessment of bamboo and rattan for green development

A new global initiative aims to unlock the potential of bamboo and rattan for rural communities

Introducing gabar

Introducing gabar

A new global initiative aims to unlock the potential of bamboo and rattan for rural communities - creating jobs, local income streams, and regenerating degraded lands and forests.


The benefits of bamboo and rattan are well recognised - but their vast scope for new and innovative uses needs to be better understood. Today, many bamboo- and rattan-producing countries can harness these resources to boost local economic growth, address climate change and protect the natural environment - as part of their sustainable development action plans.

GABAR-Global Assessment of Bamboo & Rattan

  • Conventions,
    global initiatives
  • Development,
    partners, agendas
  • Regional strategies
    & action plans
  • National Plansstatistics, economics,
    bamboo & rattan added value

Knowledge & evidence base

  • State of Bamboo & Rattanglobal-regional-local
  • Country
    info & assessments
  • Capacity
    building & training
  • Economic assessments
  • Investment optionsecosystems, livehoods
  • Green economy
    strategies & solutions
  • Global Inventory
  • Evidence & expertisedemonstration projects
  • South-South
    collaboration & learning

About gabar


GABAR is a partnership between INBAR and its Member States, and a range of national and international partners. All interested organisations are welcome to join - as core partners, technical partners or to provide in-kind support or funding. The initiative is planned as a $100 million programme. The current indicative contributing projects and earmarked funding total some $25 million.


    Case studies, maps, practical tools and data.


    More effective use of bamboo and rattan in national green economy plans and development agendas. Increased investment in these resources by countries, donors and development partners.

  • A better world, improved livelihoods, income and environmental security on a huge scale in bamboo and rattan resource countries.

Gabar Products and services


  • Comprehensive assessment of opportunities and challenges for bamboo and rattan development in the Global South, especially Africa

  • Policy/strategy recommendations for effective management and use of bamboo

  • Assessments of the potential of bamboo and rattan for climate change mitigation and adaptation

  • Land restoration - recommendations for national and international priority actions

  • Species and type inventory - description of bamboo and rattan types, species and detailed characterisation (physiological, ecological, practices, distribution maps)

  • Global network of field researchers and local experts, coordinated by an INBAR network manager

  • Information and knowledge-sharing platform for access to a wealth of resources on bamboo and rattan practices and policies

  • Comprehensive maps of bamboo and rattan distribution (global, regional, national)

  • Knowledge and tools - reports, studies, useful packaged data

Contributing activities


Many national governments have expressed support for GABAR. Indicative list of contributing projects and linked activities:

  • China's State Forestry Administration will lead a national inventory and assessment ($3 million earmarked), and supports INBAR with an annual core contribution

  • Ethiopia's Ministry of Agriculture will assess bamboo's potential for land restoration through its Sustainable Land Management Programme, and is starting a national bamboo programme

  • Philippines' Department of Environment and Natural Resources will lead a national inventory of bamboo

  • Madagascar has earmarked funding for bamboo land restoration, in national priorities and in an IFAD loan programme

  • Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry is planning an inventory of rattan resources

  • Argentina's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries plans a national bamboo inventory and assessment

  • Cameroon is looking at bamboo as a land restoration option and for renewable energy

  • Jamaica is developing a bamboo industry, including manufacturing bamboo chacoal for export

  • Vietnam is promoting sustainable rattan management and doing a regional assessment for bamboo development in Thanh Hoa Province

  • The International Fund for Agricultural Development is working with INBAR on national assessments of bamboo for energy and livelihoods in Africa, through South-South collaboration, with support from China and India

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