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Constraints to Production of Bamboo and Rattan -Report of a Consultative Meeting held in Bangalore, India, 9-13 May 1994 « Technical Reports « Downloads

Date postedSeptember 28, 2012
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AuthorJ.T. Williams, A.B. Zamora, S. Saxena, V. Dhawan, R.L. Banik, I.V. Ramanuja Rao, A.C. Lakshmana, Fu Maoyi, M. Watanabe, Wan Razali Mohd., Mary C. Stockdale
ISBNISBN 81-86247-04-1


The book is the report of a consultative meeting held to tackle the issue of production of bamboo and rattan. Various facets of the problem have been examined. The two major issues delivery systems for planting materials and sustainable management of natural stands have been taken up in detail.

The establishment of a reliable delivery system of planting materials, including mass propagation through tissue culture, has been discussed step-by-step and constraints of each method listed.

Research lacunae in ecological aspects and sustainable management of anthropogenic stands of bamboo and rattan have also been examined. The publication charts out a much-needed direction for the genetic enhancement of the two plants.
This easy-to-follow book is useful for academics, as well as to those involved in the regular production of bamboo and rattan.