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Designing and Building with Bamboo « Technical Reports « Downloads

Date postedSeptember 28, 2012
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CategoriesTechnical Reports
AuthorJules J.A. Janssen


One of the earliest and, perhaps, the most widespread use of bamboo is in building construction. The cylindrical structure and ready finish of bamboo predispose it as a natural building material. The high strength and low weight add to its utility. Bamboo’s capacity for regeneration and environment friendliness project it as “tomorrow’s timber”. Its production-to-consumption patterns and its role in the daily lives of millions of people place the plant in the position of a potential catalyst for socio-economic betterment. Bamboo is set to become the medium and the message.
In this Technical Report, Prof. Jules Janssen, an eminent structural engineer and a doyen of bamboo building and design, presents the essence of his work with bamboo that spans more than a quarter century. He examines bamboo as an application-specific engineering material that has several advantages and some disadvantages. He covers the salient technical aspects of building with bamboo – such as mechanical properties, modeling and related calculations, and jointing techniques – as well as some economic facets of bamboo – such as plantation economics and job creation potential – to provide a comprehensive view on bamboo’s place in the world of design and construction.