Board of Trustees

INBAR’s Board of Trustees are responsible for developing appropriate policies, overseeing management and ensuring efficient operations. There are eight Trustee positions, one of which is appointed by the Government of the Host State. Of the seven Trustees at large, three are from bamboo and rattan producing countries and three are appointed on the basis of their scientific or administrative expertise. The Director General takes the final Trustee position.

Trustees serve one term of three years which may be extended for a further term, with the exception of the Director General, whose term(s) last four years. New appointments are made by the Board based on suggestions and recommendations made at their request. The Board of Trustees meet once a year, usually in October.

Current Board of Trustees

Dr. Maharaj Muthoo (Chair)
Maharaj Muthoo
Nationality: Italian
Profession: President of Roman Forum.
Prof. Jiang Zehui (Co-Chair)
Prof. Jiang Zehui
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Vice Chair of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); President of the Chinese Society of Forestry; Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science; President of China Flower Association.
Dr. Gerardo Segura Warnholtz (Member)
Gerardo Warnholtz
Nationality: Mexican
Profession: Senior Rural Development Specialist, Agriculture and Rural Development Team, Latin America and the Caribbean Region, The World Bank.
Dr. Tachrir Fathoni (Member)
Tachrir Fathoni
Nationality: Indonesian
Profession: Director General of FORDA (Forestry Research and Development Agency), Ministry of Forestry.
Dr. Andrew Bennett (Member)
Dr. Andrew Bennett
Nationality: British
Profession: President of the Tropical Agricultural Association (UK).
Mr. Wu Zhimin (Member)
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Deputy Director General, International Forestry Cooperation Center, State Forestry Administration, China.
Ms. Caroline Pestieau (Member)
Nationality: Canadian and British
Profession: Senior Fellow, School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa
Nationality: Portuguese
Profession: Retired Professor of the Technical University of Lisbon; Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Senior Research Fellow of the Tata Environmental Research Institute of India; and Adviser to the European Commission Research & Technological Development Directorate on S&T Cooperation with Latin America.
Dr. Hans Friederich (Member)
Hans Friederich May 2013
Nationality: Dutch
Profession: Director General, INBAR.