International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

INBAR Member States

Host Country

  • Assistance and expert advice for the preparation of national policies and action plans to promote bamboo and rattan industries
  • Training opportunities for officials, professionals and technicians on subjects related to resource inventories, and the sustainable management and use of bamboo and rattan resources
  • Assistance in awareness-raising events and visits to countries with successful experiences of managing and using bamboo and rattan
  • Sharing knowledge, best practices and bamboo and rattan technologies between countries
  • Providing expert advice on national bamboo sector development, including technology policies that countries can use to develop their bamboo and rattan industries
  • Help for demonstration and technology transfer projects funded by development partners
  • Advice on developing project ideas and potential funding opportunities
  • Technical assistance in project implementation
  • Supervisory and advisory services as required by Common Fund for Commodity-funded commodity projects
  • Value chains: Involvement in bamboo and rattan value chain studies at Member States’ request, including identifying resource base, potential products, appropriate technologies, prospective markets and marketing strategies
  • Standards: Providing support to national and international partners on development and implementation of bamboo- and rattan-related standards, customs codes and certification schemes, to create an enabling environment for transparent and more equitable trading systems
  • Through the INBAR Council of Member States, contribute to the development of INBAR’s mission, goals, strategy and activities, and monitor their implementation and the results they achieve to ensure the efficient and effective running of the organization
  • Help promote and support the work of INBAR in their own countries
  • Support INBAR bilaterally and on relevant international and national platforms to develop relationships with partners that will support the achievement of its goals
  • Fulfill financial obligations as stipulated

Joining INBAR

If your country has bamboo and rattan resources, you will join a network of like-minded Member States where you can learn from others’ experience in developing their bamboo and rattan sector, tapping regional and global markets, applying innovative bamboo and rattan business models and value chains, technology development and more.

If your country produces or consumes bamboo and rattan products, INBAR membership brings closer links to the world’s producers, and provides advice and support on issues such as trade and standards. As INBAR’s new strategy develops, a wealth of new information is becoming available to Member States, including: training and technical materials, studies and surveys, links to innovations in other Member States, business models and value chain packages, policy options, and links to the expertise of others. Please refer to the establishment agreement of INBAR [CN] [EN] [FR] [SP] and the procedures for joining [EN] [ES] [FR] for more information.

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