International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

Announced! The winners of the Photo Competition 2020

17 Dec 2020

The 2020 INBAR international photo competition received more than 100 entries from around the world, on a number of themes: ‘Bamboo in nature’, ‘Livelihoods, lifestyles and people’, and ‘Made with bamboo’.

In a year when many of us were home-bound, reflecting on and celebrating our relationship with the environment has never been more important. A panel of expert photographers selected the images which best reflect the competition’s key themes, and INBAR’s mission.


The winning photographs are:

First place – ‘The best inheritance for our children and grandchildren is to teach how to take care of nature and bamboos.’ Credit: Raphael Paucar & Noelia Trillo.

Taken in Peru, this photograph encapsulates the wonder of learning about bamboo, and the long relationship between humans and this grass plant.

Second place (1/2) – ‘Transportation of bamboo culms in rural Ethiopia.’ Credit: African Bamboo (Anthony Wood).

A woman transports freshly harvested bamboo: “one of the crucial materials in the Ethiopian household”, according to the entrant.

Second place (2/2) – ‘The Journey Portal’. Credit: Jessica Devnani.

This conference zone was built for the Cosmic Festival in Guatemala, by students on a 14-day bio-construction course. The poles were later used to build an eco-salon 28 km away.

Third place (1/3) – ‘Bahay-kubo’. Credit: Anthony Into.

Bahay-kubo, or nipa-huts, are a traditional form of housing in the Philippines.

Third place (2/3) – ‘Four generations’. Credit: Kelly Cristina Michels Exterkotter.

“As a bamboo family, our ancestors strengthen and inspire us.”

Third place (3/3) – ‘Nursery school, Uganda’. Credit: Silvia Aratun Bertos.

A child plays in a bamboo structure in Uganda.

The winners will receive a certificate, and bamboo products, to thank them for their contributions.

Thank you to all who submitted, and congratulations to the winners!


The judges also commended 15 entries. All photographs can be seen on the photo competition event page, here.


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