International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

APBAMBOO 2021 Call for Abstracts

The APBAMBOO 2021 provides an opportunity for interested parties to showcase the latest scientific research, technologies, case studies, best practices and industrial applications in all aspects of the bamboo value chain. The Symposium organisers are currently inviting abstract submissions for consideration on the below themes:

 Theme 1: Bamboo and climate change

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. This makes it particularly suitable as a tool for carbon sequestration. This theme will discuss bamboo’s contribution to climate mitigation & adaptation strategies in the Asia-Pacific region. It will also explore bamboo as a means of improving soils, arresting erosion, and restoring landscapes in rural, peri-urban and city environments, to build resilience to climate change. The theme will also share information on bamboo housing for disaster preparedness and relief, for coastal erosion prevention, for food security, and for fodder.

Theme 2: Incentivising sector development

Without the proper policy frameworks, financial instruments, land area, and infrastructure, the economic potential of bamboo is likely to remain untapped. This theme will examine the enabling conditions that allow bamboo to generate sustainable jobs and income, including policies, subsidies, infrastructure, and access to markets.

Theme 3: Innovative production technologies

From propagation and management of bamboo stands through to treatment, processing, marketing and sale of products, this theme aims to examine the production side of bamboo development, the available technologies and large-scale application. The theme will also discuss trends in trade, markets and consumer behavior, and innovative approaches to reducing waste.

Theme 4: Building a bamboo network in the Asia-Pacific

The theme will share and validate the results and explore opportunities for sustainable financing, technology cooperation and transfer of future initiatives that help Asia-Pacific region to realise environmental and economic targets. It will draw from the experience of other international networks and regional economic blocs for the eventual formation of an Asia – Pacific Bamboo Network.

We welcome the submission of abstracts using the attached submission form.

All abstracts must be submitted to by 31 DECEMBER 2020 for consideration by the reviewing committee. Only abstracts in English will be accepted.