International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Bamboo ‘game changers’ for rural development

17 Feb 2015

Here are some high-potential bamboo and rattan technologies and approaches that need further investigation and testing. Can you help move these forward?

Bamboo and rattan offer a world of innovative approaches and useful new technical solutions to countries and rural communities that have these resources, and potentially to other locations.

Many applications of bamboo are being discussed and presented in rural development circles worldwide – but they are not yet ready for release and scaling-up. This section profiles the approaches being tested by rural development experts, INBAR member countries and in some INBAR partnerships.

Some of these innovations have the potential to be game changers for rural national rural development strategies and improving peoples’ livelihoods. But more research and trials are needed, to have solid proof of concept before they can be confirmed.

-Are you working in these of other areas? Do you have expertise and evidence to share?
-We welcome all comments to these articles; and your contacts with the INBAR team

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