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New bamboo standards in Ethiopia  


New bamboo standards in Ethiopia  

With the support of INBAR the Ethiopian national council for standardisation recently adopted seven national standards on bamboo construction and treatment.  

Ethiopia has recently adopted seven national bamboo standards, that have been ratified by the Ethiopian Standards Agency. The seven ratified national standards focus on the design of bamboo structures and the preservation of bamboo for construction and non-construction purposes. 

The standard which focuses on the design of bamboo structures explains the general principles and requirements that should be applied in structural design using round and split bamboo elements, as well as their mechanical resistance and durability of the structures. The other six standards describe water-soluble preservatives and treatment procedures for bamboo that specify the composition of the preservatives, the quality of chemicals and the sampling procedure for analysis.

These standards are expected to not only lay the foundation for newer buildings using bamboo in the country, but also to contribute to the safety and durability of bamboo products and structures, to ensure that products and materials are tailor-made for their purposes, to facilitate domestic trade by removing quality barriers and to promote bamboo products, structures, and services at the national level. They will also be a good foundation for Ethiopia to work towards adopting International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards on its bamboo products and economic endeavours. National and international quality standards are important because they create confidence among end-users to consume products with good reliability and quality.

INBAR is currently supporting the creation of five additional national standards for Ethiopia on bamboo and bamboo-based products, such as bamboo energy and furniture, as one of the objectives of the Dutch-Sino East Africa bamboo development programme is to support the regulatory and standardisation frameworks of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Up to this point, Kenya and Uganda have become members of ISO Technical Committee 296, while Ethiopia and Kenya have developed four policy briefs, two national strategies, and one bamboo policy.

The seven ratified national standards are:  


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