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Bio-Construction Workshop Concludes Ibero-Bamboo 2019


Bio-Construction Workshop Concludes Ibero-Bamboo 2019

11 October 2019 – At a recent Bio-Constuction Workshop in Madrid, Spain, co-organised by INBAR, bamboo experts shared their knowledge with a group of enthusiastic participants over three jam-packed days.

Photo © Luis Gama


INBAR Director General Alim Mchumo presents as part of the theory modules

The First Ibero-Bamboo Symposium, held at the Instituto de Eduardo Torroja in Madrid, Spain on 2 October 2019, brought together bamboo lovers from many sectors of society for a high-level discussion on the bamboo industry in Spain. But the following three days saw a different type of discussion in classrooms and experimental plots at the Polytecnic University of Madrid.

The first part of the workshop consisted of four theory modules taught by experts including course organiser Jaime Baldaron Laborda, workshop host Bambusa Estudio and several renown architects and academics. Director General of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, Ali Mchumo found time to present INBAR’s work and objectives.

With the theory part out of the way, the last two days were dedicated to practice. The students were given some practical tips on how to work with bamboo to warm them up for the main event: the construction of a bamboo greenhouse, the blueprint for which was provided by architect Jaime Espinosa Benito.

Jaime Espinosa (left) designed the bamboo greenhouse that the group made. Photo © Zineb Kamili

For many of the participants, this experience represented the first time working with bamboo, and the teachers were on hand to walk them through the key construction steps. From cutting and measuring the Columbian guadua angustifolia bamboo donated by Bambusa Estudio for the occasion, to using bolts to fix the pieces together at the right angle, to fixing the bamboo culms with a simple hinge structure, the process was participatory, inclusive and friendly. “The best reflection of what the workshop was like was in the photos: we are all smiling” said participant Luis Pastor.

Proof of the success of the event – smiling participants

Jose Eduardo Torres Rojas, bamboo architect and teacher of the module on bamboo as construction material, placed the workshop within the context of the future of Spanish bamboo industry, mentioning that “The seed is planted now: good times are coming for bamboo in Europe and in Spain.”

Bambusa Estudio’s Francesco Intrieri (Photo © Luis Gama)

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Cover photo for this article belongs to Luis Gama.

See below for the detailed agenda of the workshop [in Spanish].