International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Editorial Guidelines

This page contains information about how to submit to Bamboo and Rattan Update magazine. Authors should read the below guidelines carefully before submitting their work.


In order to be considered for publication on Bamboo and Rattan Update, a story should provide a topical, fresh new insight into bamboo and rattan uses, with an emphasis on sustainable development. Topics could include new research into bamboo’s uses, with a focus on possible sustainable development applications, as well as best practices, pilot projects and profiles of successful initiatives taking place around the world, which are promoting bamboo and rattan for sustainable development. For a more detailed list of relevant areas, please consult INBAR’s website:

It is also important that a story has an international, or at least regional, significance. Bamboo and Rattan Update is intended as a platform to showcase bamboo and rattan developments that that could have implications for other countries. The potential international significance of a story should be explained clearly in the summary.

Authors should submit a 100-word summary of their intended article to Successful submissions will be paid USD 300.


Once the editors have asked for more information, authors may submit a piece, making sure to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Tone. Bamboo and Rattan Update is intended for a wide audience. Articles should be written in an accessible and engaging way, avoiding overly technical language. References will not be included in any finished article.
  • No PR! Please keep your article impersonal, and broad-ranging in scope: your project, research or company should not be key to the article. PR pieces will not be published.
  • Third person. Please write articles in the third-person. Bamboo and Rattan Update does not accept editorials or first-person (i.e. ‘I’, ‘We’) narratives.
  • Be unique. Most of our readers know the basics about bamboo, rattan and their sustainable development applications. What we are looking for is new, specific or in-depth information about one of these areas.
  • Length. Length is flexible; authors are advised to submit a piece between 800-1200 words.
  • Images. Please provide a few images to accompany the text.
  • Language. Bamboo and Rattan Update is an English-language magazine.

Please note: Bamboo and Rattan Update does not publish content that has been published elsewhere. It does not publish press releases or promotional material.

Authors can find out more about INBAR from our website. Find out which countries are Member States of INBAR; discover the countries in which INBAR is doing project work; read more about bamboo and rattan’s contributions to sustainable development. For new information please read INBAR news, or follow us on social media.