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Call for Submissions: Innovative Bamboo Products


Call for Submissions: Innovative Bamboo Products

Does your company create innovative bamboo products? We want to feature you in the next issue of Bamboo and Rattan Update.

Biodegradable bottles. 3D printed houses. Aeroplane parts. Cars. Diapers.

Increasingly, companies are pursuing new (or rather, incredibly old) solutions that downplay our reliance on petroleum-based plastics: alternatives that are sourced from plants. Whether through clever design, or by creating new materials such as bioplastics, natural materials are substituting a growing range of products and packaging.

Fast-growing, versatile, and ubiquitous across the tropics and subtropics, bamboo is already being used as a replacement for everything from single-use cups and straws to more durable items, such as cladding, decking, laptop covers, keyboards, ski helmets, guitars, bicycles, skateboards and surfboards. Even the Lexus GS 450 car interior features bamboo.

There is huge potential for bamboo to contribute to more biobased consumption. In the field of bioplastics alone, industry association European Bioplastics estimates that global bioplastics production capacity is set to increase by 20-30 percent per year, and reach a value of USD 14.92 billion by 2023.

INBAR’s magazine, Bamboo and Rattan Update, is looking for some of the companies at the forefront of pioneering bamboo materials. If your company or product fits the above description, please submit your answers to the below survey:


Bamboo and Rattan Update is circulated quarterly to a 100,00-strong network of development practitioners, policymakers and entrepreneurs around the world. Submit your product profile today for the chance to be included in our September issue about the ‘fibre of the future’.The survey will be open until Sunday 15 August. Once the deadline has passed, the authors of successful submissions will be contacted, and their profile will be written up for inclusion in INBAR’s magazine.

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