International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Capacity Building and Training

As INBAR evolves into a global development organization under its Strategy 2015-2030, one of the priorities is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and professional expertise on bamboo and rattan.

In the past 17 years, capacity building activities of INBAR have covered 51 countries in the world, impacting more than 400,000 people around the world, including government officials, developers in international organizations and agencies, researchers and technicians, entrepreneurs and communities in the bamboo and rattan producing areas. These activities have become an indispensable part of INBAR’s global efforts in raising awarenesses on the roles of bamboo and rattan for environment, poverty and trade, global networking and partnership development, pooling and sharing of knowledge and experiences, platform for international exchanges and cooperation to promote bamboo and rattan as natural resources to tackle global development goals.

Recognizing the values of the two plants, member countries/potential members of INBAR are willing to develop the two resources to provide sustainable solutions to their respective pressing issues in environment, rural poverty and economy, as well as international trade.  However, lack of development strategies, policy guidance, expertise and personnel, key knowledge and technologies are the hindrances.  At the same time, there are increasing interests from the international aid agencies on the unique roles of bamboo and rattan-based development, which addresses the triple bottom lines, at the same time, provides multi-win solutions for the developing world.

INBAR’s capacity building activities in past 5 years targeted:

  1. A pool of Expertise which support INBAR’s efforts in sharing knowledge and communicate lessons, providing trainings, as well as promoting pilot best-practice case studies and up-scaling.
  2. Strategic training activities for a certain number of member countries to raise awareness, facilitate exchanges and initiatives in bamboo and rattan-based development,.
  3. Supports for regions and member countries to facilitate the identification of national strategies for bamboo and rattan development, and the pilots/demonstrations on bamboo and rattan’s roles in environment, livelihood sustainability.
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Capacity Building resources

INBAR offers a wealth of past knowledge and training information, search for manuals, guidelines, past course material and audiovisual resources.

Search useful capacity building information

On Bamboo propagation:
  • Community bamboo nursery
  • Tropical Bamboos propagation manual
On Bamboo plantation:
  • Bamboo shoots plantation
  • Homestead bamboo plantation
  • Improve cultivation technique for high yielding bamboo stands for industrial pulp & paper production
  • Medium and large scale bamboo plantation
On Environment:
  • Rehabilitating degraded land
On Processing:
  • Bamboo preservation by sap displacement
  • Bamboo splitting and slivering unit
  • Hands on- Manual on Bamboo furniture making
  • Village Bamboo preservation unit
On Bamboo products
  • Bamboo charcoal production and utilization
  • Bamboo emergency shelters
  • Bamboo flooring manufacturing unit
  • Bamboo furniture making unit
  • Bamboo housing training workshop manual
  • Bamboo mat board
  • Bamboo matchstick production
  • Bamboo school building
  • Bamboo toothpick manufacturing unit
  • Bamboo treadle pump
  • Corrugated bamboo roofing sheets
  • Low-cost bamboo based houses
  • Manufacturing handmade paper from sympodial bamboo
  • Tools for building with bamboo
  • Traditional bamboo furniture making
  • Woven bamboo furniture manufacturer’s unit
Existing videos on INBAR youtube channel: