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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Capacity-building initiative in Uganda


Capacity-building initiative in Uganda

INBAR conducted in Uganda a capacity-building initiative to enhance the technical skills in bamboo treatment and furniture making.

INBAR has conducted a capacity-building initiative on bamboo treatment and craft and furniture making to enhance the bamboo economic activities of Ugandan farmers and furniture and crafts makers. In the training participated 30 local carpenters who reside in the Koboko Municipality. The trainees were presented with different bamboo treatment and preservation techniques, both traditional and with chemical treatment methods along with furniture making techniques.

Chemical treatment of bamboo in a drum

The initiative was conducted in collaboration with the Ugandan Industrial Research Institute to boost public awareness on bamboo economic advantages, and to form a bamboo Community of Practice (CoP) drawn from the general stakeholders in the sector.

Moreover, a meeting of bamboo stakeholders comprising bamboo farmers, carpenters, bamboo artisans, representatives from the local government, and the Ugandan National Forestry Authority was convened at the Koboko Technical Institute. Daniel Bwino Amanya, technical officer for Uganda of the Dutch-Sino-East Africa Programme presented an overview of the programme objectives and its CoP initiatives. As a result, a steering committee for a potential CoP was formed for the West Nile area as a mechanism to establish and strengthen multi-stakeholder platforms at national and regional levels.

The Koboko Technical Institute was provided with basic equipment to demonstrate the potential of bamboo through value addition and production of diversified bamboo products and provide capacity building to local communities on the production of bamboo products. As such, local carpenters have access to equipment from the institute to make bamboo furniture and crafts.

Now in its second phase, the Dutch-Sino-East Africa Bamboo Development Programme uses international expertise to help unleash the potential of the bamboo sector in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. INBAR, as a development organisation that promotes environmentally sustainable development using bamboo and rattan, brings international expertise into bamboo development efforts of the Global South through South-South and Triangular Cooperation. The project’s overall goal is to support livelihood development, food security, and better environmental management by developing robust bamboo value chains and a sustainable bamboo industry.

Trainees making bamboo furniture


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