International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

Caribbean Culture Celebrated at the INBAR Garden

1 Jul 2019

The INBAR Garden at the International Horticultural Exhibition hosted an event celebrating Caribbean culture and biodiversity.

30 June 2019 –  INBAR’s Member State Jamaica was one of several countries to celebrate Caribbean Culture and Film Day at the INBAR Garden, in the International Horticultural Exhibition (Beijing Expo 2019). Organised by Embassies from Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago, the event highlighted the links between Caribbean culture and biodiversity, environmental protection, art and tourism, through a series of short films and documentaries.

The event highlighted the links between Caribbean culture and biodiversity, environmental protection, art and tourism.

High-profile guests included H.E. Sterling R.L. Quant, the Ambassador of the Bahamas, H.E. Francois Jackman, the Ambassador of Barbados, Dr. Abbie S. David, the Ambassador of Grenada, H.E. Mr. Antonia Hugh, the Ambassador of Jamaica, and H.E. Ms. Patty Chen, the Ambassador of Suriname. According to Ambassador Hugh, bamboo can be an important part of the Caribbean future development: “Bamboo can create jobs and income development, and improve the environment. I think it’s very important to spread the bamboo story.” Ambassador Hugh said that he was personally inspired by bamboo after visiting the Bamboo and Rattan Showroom and INBAR Headquarters in Beijing, and even shared some videos and information with the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Jamaica, which has been an INBAR Member State since 2012, is one of the leading countries in the Caribbean region to promote bamboo. In late 2018, the country introduced a regulatory change to promote this fast-growing grass plant, with the aim to increase investment and promote new bamboo value chains. According to the government, a major focus of the planned expansion is bamboo pulp and paper, with investment in paper mills beginning this year. Other industries, such as handicrafts, edible bamboo shoots, and even the use of bamboo housing, are also being investigated: the National Housing Trust is even funding an ambitious USD 54 million research project into bamboo for construction on the island.

More information about INBAR’s Garden at the Beijing Expo 2019, including upcoming events, can be found here.