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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Delegation from Pakistan visits INBAR


Delegation from Pakistan visits INBAR

A delegation of spouses and staff from the Pakistan Embassy visited INBAR Headquarters.

25 January 2021 – Mrs. Farah Moin, wife of the Ambassador of Pakistan to China, led a delegation of spouses and staff from the embassy to visit INBAR headquarters.

Mrs. Moin is the wife of His Excellency Moin ul Haque, who has been the Ambassador of Pakistan to China since 2020. Mrs. Moin was accompanied by a delegation of around 20 people, including Mrs. Leena Ahmed Farooq, spouse of the Deputy Head of Mission, Mrs. Saleha Awais Khan, spouse of the Counsellor, and Dr. Aqsa Shaukat, Third Secretary.

During the visit, Professor Jiang Zehui, Co-Chair of INBAR’s Board of Trustees, introduced INBAR’s work promoting bamboo and rattan for sustainable development. Professor Jiang welcomed Pakistan to join the INBAR family as soon as possible, and discussed the possibility of implementing projects in the country to promote the development of the Pakistani bamboo and rattan sector.

The delegation were also taken on a tour of the bamboo and rattan show room, which showcases a number of the most innovative and lucrative products made using these plants. Following the tour, INBAR’s Senior Programme Officer Li Yanxia made a presentation introducing bamboo and rattan in more detail, and explaining their importance for sustainable development. Professor Lu Wenming, Deputy Director General, also met with the delegation on their visit.

Bamboo is already cultivated in several parts of Pakistan, and the country boasts somewhere in the region of 15 bamboo species. Bamboo housing has also been used throughout the country to build a variety of emergency, transitional and permanent shelters, in response to a number of debilitating earthquakes and floods.

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Mrs. Farah Moin met with Professor Jiang Zehui to discuss bamboo and rattan’s potential in Pakistan.

The delegation listening to a presentation at INBAR Headquarters.