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Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

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Contemporary Bamboo Architecture in China



K.W. Liu, Q.F. Xu, G. Wang, F.M. Chen, Y.B. Leng, J. Yang, K.A. Harries






Tsinghua University Press & Springer

This book describes the distribution of bamboo forest and bamboo species for construction, the types and characteristics of both engineered and natural full-culm bamboo materials for construction, the development history and research status of different forms of bamboo architecture. We go on to describe standards, relevant international organizations, research institutions and production and processing enterprises and typical cases. Starting from six aspects, this book systematically describes modern bamboo building development, analyzes the opportunities and challenges faced by the bamboo construction industry and provides guidance for the development of the bamboo construction industry in China. Particularly in Chapter 6, more than 70 examples constructed mostly since 2014 are selected to provide a detailed overview of the use of bamboo as decorative and structural materials. In order to fully explore the potential of bamboo in engineering applications, the authors introduce the use of bamboo construction for transportation facilities (bridges, highway landscape fences and bus stations), landscape, water pipelines and urban municipal tunnels. The authors hope readers are inspired by these most vivid cases and experience the charm of modern Chinese bamboo architecture.