Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

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Publicaciones de INBAR

Publicaciones de INBAR - Resumen anual

INBAR Annual Report 2012

The 2012 Annual Report outlines INBAR’s activities including programmes and publications.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Boletínes informativos

South Asia Regional Newsletter No.10

The tenth edition of INBAR’s South Asia Regional Newsletter.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

The Climate Change Challenge and Bamboo: Mitigation and Adaptation

This Working Paper explores how bamboos can help us a resource to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change by: absorbing and storing carbon; protecting forests and watersheds; insulating environments against extreme weather; providing low-cost, green housing and infrastructure; providing cleaner biofuels; providing renewable, sustainable resource for generating incomes; and increasing the range […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Transporting, Storing and Filtering Water Using Local Resources: A Design Manual

In July 2012, the Canadian Federal Department of Environment awarded INBAR a new project working with communities in Ethiopia and Nepal to develop new technologies for storing, transporting, and filtering water resources. The project aims to scale up the use of local resources, such as bamboo, gravel and sand to alleviate the pressures caused by […]