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Bamboo School Building

Technology Transfer Models
Bamboo School Building


Shyam K Paudel; Solomon Ayeh



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bamboo, construction, building, development, sustainable development, guide

Bamboo has been used for the building construction for a long time. Throughout the world it is estimated that more than a billion people live in bamboo houses. Bamboo buildings are cheap, easy to construct and durable provided they are treated and used
properly. Bamboo has proved to be a sustainable resource, which can be regenerated and multiplied easily with menial technology. Due to its versatile nature it is well known as an excellent material for construction purposes. It grows in most climates in tropical
and subtropical regions where demands for cheap and affordable shelters are high. This manual is based on the school building that was built in Kumasi, Ghana. Some of the construction systems have been adopted from Indian Plywood Industries Research
and Training Institute (IPIRTI) in this building. The manual may be useful for both technical and non-technical persons who are
familiar with the building construction. Although the manual is basically relied upon school construction in Ghana, you can modify or adjust the system according to the local situations.