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Design of Bamboo Scaffolds

Technical Reports
Design of Bamboo Scaffolds


K.F. Chung; S.L. Chan





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bamboo, construction, building, guide

The major objectives of the project are to promote the effective use of bamboo scaffolding in building construction through advancement and dissemination of structural bamboo technology. Both the established knowledge and the proven practice of bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong are formalized and documented as follows: a. Erection of Bamboo Scaffolds covering material selection, typical configurations with details, and erection procedures for builders and scaffolding practitioners; b. Design of Bamboo Scaffolds covering material requirements, typical applications, structural principles and safety requirements for structural engineers. This document Design of Bamboo Scaffolds presents the basic structural principles and the design method of bamboo scaffolds together with worked examples on typical use of bamboo scaffolds in building construction.