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Manual for Bamboo Housing Training Workshops

Technology Transfer Models
Manual for Bamboo Housing Training Workshops


Jorge Moran U.; Juan Carlos Jaramillo P.





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workshop, bamboo, housing, design, construction, bamboo, sustainable

Among the multiple uses of bamboo, its utilization in the construction of buildings of various types is notable, as it addresses the need for shelter. A variety of building traditions have evolved in different places, as the technology of building with bamboo is influenced by numerous factors such as the various species and their characteristics, local uses and traditions, seismic factors, topography, soil quality, tools, etc. The scope of possible uses of bamboo in building construction, however, is enormous, ranging from emergency relief to low-cost and to permanent and high-end structures. The present manual is based on a workshop carried out by the authors in Aizawl, Mizoram, in October/November 2001. The annex to the manual provides selected resource material from the workshop. It is the hope of the authors that this document would be used as a guide for future construction workshops which INBAR and other institutions may plan to carry out worldwide.