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Manual for Sustainable Management of Clumping Bamboo Forest

Manual for Sustainable Management of Clumping Bamboo Forest







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bamboo, technical report, sustainable management

Many countries are aware of the socio-economic and environmental benefits of bamboo; however, due to a lack of knowledge for establishment and management of bamboo, especially for clumping bamboo, this plant’s potential is still untapped in many countries. This manual aims to support people who work in the field for the establishment and management of bamboo plantation. The manual has been developed based on the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization’s projects, especially the Dutch-Sino East Africa Bamboo Development Programme in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda and South–South Knowledge Transfer Strategies for Pro-Poor Bamboo Livelihoods in Ethiopia, Madagascar and Uganda. The manual guides step-by-step for production of bamboo seedlings and planting, maintaining and sustainably harvesting bamboo plantations. This manual comprises five chapters. Chapter One provides an explanation of terms in the manual, and chapter Two offers step-by-step instructions for propagating bamboo through culm cutting, branch cutting, air layering, macro-proliferation, rhizomes and seeds. Chapter Three provides guidelines for the establishment of bamboo plantations. Chapter Four explains how to maintain bamboo plantations and inter-crop other crops in bamboo plantations. Chapter Five provides instructions for sustainable management of bamboo plantations.