La Organización Internacional del Bambú y Ratán

La Organización Internacional del Bambú y Ratán

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Publicaciones de INBAR - Annual Highlights

Resumen anual de INBAR 2019

El resumen anual 2019 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR.

Publicaciones de INBAR - General Information

El bambú y el ratán para el desarrollo sostenible

Muchas especies de bambú y de ratán existen en el Sur Global y pueden contribuir en al menos siete de los objetivos para el desarrollo sostenible.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Policy Reports

El bambú: un recurso estratégico para que los países reduzcan los efectos del cambio climático

Un informe de síntesis de políticas ser sobre para combatir el cambio climático, el bambú es un recurso fundamental en las estrategias orientadas al paisaje. El bambú le brinda a los países y a los socios para el desarrollo una infinidad de soluciones prácticas para el cambio climático. Si se reconoce como un recurso estratégico […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - National plans and policies

2019-2030 Ethiopian Bamboo Development Strategy and Action Plan

This report was commissioned, developed and written by the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission of Ethiopia. It was produced by INBAR as part of its series on national bamboo plans and policies.

Publicaciones de INBAR

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes de política

INBAR Position Paper – Paris Agreement: Next Steps for Bamboo and Rattan

A briefing on the Paris Agreement and what it means for bamboo and rattan producing countries.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes de política

INBAR Statement for COP 21

An INBAR statement to the UN Convention on Climate Change’s 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) on bamboo and rattan’s benefits for climate-smart country action plans.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes de política

INBAR Statement to UNCCD

INBAR statement to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification on how bamboo can be a strategic resource to achieve land degradation neutrality.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Resumen anual

INBAR Annual Report 2015

The 2015 Annual Report outlines INBAR’s activities including programmes and publications.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Actas de congresos

Toward a Framework for Rattan Sector Development in ASEAN Countries

As a first step in defining a Southeast Asia-wide agenda for rattan-based development, the INBAR with its partners held a workshop in June 2015. This consultation brought together key stakeholders in the rattan development community to discuss and reach a common understanding of Asia region-wide issues and challenges to rattan-based development. Participants discussed the framework […]

Bamboo: A Strategic New Resource for Development – IFAD’s Pioneering Support

        This brochure gives a summary of IFAD's support to bamboo development as an engine to improve rural livelihoods from 1997 to 2015.        Bamboo value chains for income and food security: Solutions for smallholder farmers and producers as businesses; empowering rural women; supporting their roles in agriculture; supporting country leadership for national development; addressing climate change; and […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Boletínes informativos

South Asia Regional Newsletter No.11

The eleventh edition of INBAR’s South Asia Regional Newsletter.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

Boosting Biodiversity, Enhancing Yields

The INBAR-implemented Bamboo Biodiversity Project was one of eighteen projects under the umbrella of the 2007 – 2010 EU-China Biodiversity Programme. Working in the commercially-important Phyllostachys pubescens (Moso bamboo) and endangered Qiongzhuea tumidinodia (Qiong bamboo) forests, the project developed a series of management methods that maintain high levels of biodiversity in the forests, whilst enabling […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

The Environmental Impact of Industrial Bamboo Products: Life-cycle Assessment and Carbon Sequestration

This report gives a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint analysis on a selection of industrial bamboo products.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

Vulnerability of Bamboo Housing to Climate Change in the Coast of Ecuador

Bamboo housing present common deficiencies and risks, so this document strives to make it possible to define the problems related to this kind of housing and their effects, in order to provide effective solutitons to the process of adaptation to climate change and to reduce or eliminate traumatic effects for users. This document, which is […]