Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

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Publicaciones de INBAR - Annual Highlights

Resumen anual de INBAR 2019

El resumen anual 2019 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR.

Publicaciones de INBAR - General Information

El bambú y el ratán para el desarrollo sostenible

Muchas especies de bambú y de ratán existen en el Sur Global y pueden contribuir en al menos siete de los objetivos para el desarrollo sostenible.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Policy Reports

El bambú: un recurso estratégico para que los países reduzcan los efectos del cambio climático

Un informe de síntesis de políticas ser sobre para combatir el cambio climático, el bambú es un recurso fundamental en las estrategias orientadas al paisaje. El bambú le brinda a los países y a los socios para el desarrollo una infinidad de soluciones prácticas para el cambio climático. Si se reconoce como un recurso estratégico […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - National plans and policies

2019-2030 Ethiopian Bamboo Development Strategy and Action Plan

This report was commissioned, developed and written by the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission of Ethiopia. It was produced by INBAR as part of its series on national bamboo plans and policies. The strategy can be accessed in Amharic here.

Publicaciones de INBAR

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 11B-3 TAN Bamboo Crates for Fruit Packing Markets

In Kudal, Sindhudurg district, Maharasthra, KONBAC, an INBAR-established community-based NGO, has successfully developed bamboo packaging for the local mango fruit market. The crates, which were designed in consultation with mango growers, are made locally, using simple technology and processing techniques. Through the pilot production phase (2005-07), two work units have been established, providing livelihoods to […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 11B-2 TAN Resort and Housing Markets

In Konkan, Maharasthra, India an INBAR ARS programme has successfully established a bamboo construction enterprise, which targets the nearby tourism and beach resort market in Goa. In a two-year period, the enterprise has recorded sales of US$ 225,000. At the local level the project is implemented by KONBAC, a INBAR-established community-based NGO. KONBAC also works […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 11B-1 TAN Production of Bamboo Pole Furniture

In Konkan, Mahrashtra State, India, an ARS programme established by INBAR in 2002, has successfully set up a community-based furniture production unit, which makes high-quality aesthetically pleasing round-pole bamboo furniture. The furniture is currently sold to high-end hotels and resorts operating in the Goa tourist region, generating monthly incomes of US$100 for local artisans. At […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.10 TAN Developing the Bamboo Value Chain in the Littoral of Ecuador

Between 2003 and 2008, INBAR and local partners have implemented bamboo action research in several of Ecuador’s least developed areas, with the aim of promoting bamboo as an alternative source of income for poor rural households. The programme has focused on developing and validating pro-poor, bamboo technologies in Latin America, disseminating research findings and best […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.9 TAN Awareness Raising, Policy Development & Demonstrations – Mozambique

In 2004/05, as part of IFAD grant 774, INBAR began to undertake action research in Mozambique to replicate technologies and knowledge, which were developed in other countries and regions under IFAD grant 518 (2001-2004). Initial action research was focused on evaluating bamboo resources in Mozambique, providing policy recommendations, building stakeholders bamboo propogation capacity, and validating […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.8 TAN Demonstration Enterprises Kumasi, Ghana

The INBAR Action Research Site (ARS) programme in Kumasi, Ghana, was established in 2004 to demonstrate the potential that bamboo has to provide livelihoods for income generation. The ARS works through demonstration enterprise, which enable more effective and wider application of bamboo technologies to allow the rural poor to produce and process bamboo more effectively […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.7 TAN Development of Community Micro and Small Enterprises In Ethiopia

The overall goal of INBAR’s Action Research Site programme in Bule village, Awassa, South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State, Ethiopia is to develop rural community micro and small enterprises that utilise local bamboo resources  for livelihood development. As the programme is still in the development phase, the main objectives have been to a) raise […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.5 TAN A Design Centre for Upgrading Village-level Production in the Philippines

The Community Enterprise Development Project, also known as the “Design Centre Philippines”, was set up by INBAR to develop new processes for bamboo component and product production. The project has focused on promoting village-level production and alleviating rural poverty. To achieve this, the project has veered away from heavy capital investment in machinery. This has […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Modelos de transferencia de tecnologías

Annex 2.3 TAN Creation of Village Cluster-based Enterprises – Manipur, India

The overall goal of INBAR’s Tamenglong ARS programme in Manipur, India is to develop village cluster-based enterprises that utilise local bamboo and rattan resources for livelihood development. The specific objectives of the programme are to a) develop pro-poor bamboo and rattan processing and production technology, b) create community institutional systems to manage and protect local […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes de política

INBAR Statement to UNCCD

INBAR statement to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification on how bamboo can be a strategic resource to achieve land degradation neutrality.