Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

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Publicaciones de INBAR - Annual Highlights

Resumen Anual de INBAR 2021

El resumen anual 2021 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR. Esta publicación también está disponible en ingles, francés y chino

Publicaciones de INBAR - Policy Reports

El bambú: un recurso estratégico para que los países reduzcan los efectos del cambio climático

Un informe de síntesis de políticas ser sobre para combatir el cambio climático, el bambú es un recurso fundamental en las estrategias orientadas al paisaje. El bambú le brinda a los países y a los socios para el desarrollo una infinidad de soluciones prácticas para el cambio climático. Si se reconoce como un recurso estratégico […]

Publicaciones de INBAR

Publicaciones de INBAR - Resumen anual

INBAR Annual Report 2016

The 2016 Annual Report outlines INBAR’s activities including programmes and publications.

Bamboo: A Strategic New Resource for Development – IFAD’s Pioneering Support

        This brochure gives a summary of IFAD's support to bamboo development as an engine to improve rural livelihoods from 1997 to 2015.        Bamboo value chains for income and food security: Solutions for smallholder farmers and producers as businesses; empowering rural women; supporting their roles in agriculture; supporting country leadership for national development; addressing climate change; and […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Información general

Dutch-Sino-East Africa Bamboo Development Programme – Brochure

This brochure introduces the first phase of the Dutch-Sino East Africa Development Programme, which leveraged Chinese and Dutch expertise in bamboo value chain development, product design, marketing and standardisation to help develop East Africa’s bamboo sector for green economic growth, trade and poverty reduction.  

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Post-earthquake Report on Bamboo Structures and Recommendations for Reconstruction with Bamboo on the Ecuadorian Coast

In Ecuador bamboo is an abundant material that has traditionally been used over the centuries in both formal and informal housing in the coastal regions. Bamboo can be used to build very sustainable, low-cost structures for formal housing. When bamboo structures are well designed and well built, they can be used as earthquake-resistant housing, as […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes de política

Make in India – Unleashing the Benefits of Bamboo

This document aims to provide input into the efforts of the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change to take the country’s bamboo sector forward.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

Feasibility Study on Bamboo Plantations and Opportunities for its Utilisation in Sarawak, Malaysia

The Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) commissioned INBAR to conduct a feasibility assessment of the opportunities for bamboo and its utilisation in Sarawak. This study presents the findings of the assessment. The report also assesses the feasibility of developing carbon credit trading for the proposed plantations as an additional source of financing. Finally, the study […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

World Atlas of Bamboos and Rattans

This book contains a global atlas of all known species of bamboos and rattans. It has been produced to accompany the World Checklist of Bamboos and Rattan (Vorontsova et al. 2016) and should be used in conjunction with that volume. For general information about bamboos and rattans, please see the introductory section of the World […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

World Checklist of Bamboos and Rattans

This book contains a global checklist of all known species of bamboos and rattans. It is an authoritative source of information on accepted species of bamboos and rattans, the correct names that should be applied to them, and the incorrect names that should not be used. It has been compiled from expert data sources, edited […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

Scoping Study to Inform the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan (GABAR)

INBAR has launched the Global Assessment of Bamboo and Rattan (GABAR) in order to quantify and qualify how bamboo and rattan currently contribute, and what their overall potential is, in terms of socio-economic and environmental development goals. Assessments such as GABAR seek to inform, and respond to, decision makers’ needs by synthesising and communicating complex information, […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Informes técnicos

Bamboo Production as an Alternative Crop and Livelihood Strategy for Tobacco Farmers: Technical report

The long-term vision of this project executed for the period 2006-2013 is to turnaround the dependence of local livelihoods from tobacco farming to cultivation of alternative crops in Kenya. This final project report for Phase II covers a summary of activities undertaken for the whole project period of 19th December 2009 to 18th June 2013. […]