Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

Organización Internacional del Bambú y el Ratán

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Publicaciones de INBAR - Annual Highlights

Resumen Anual de INBAR 2021

El resumen anual 2021 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR. Esta publicación también está disponible en ingles, francés y chino

Publicaciones de INBAR - Policy Reports

El bambú: un recurso estratégico para que los países reduzcan los efectos del cambio climático

Un informe de síntesis de políticas ser sobre para combatir el cambio climático, el bambú es un recurso fundamental en las estrategias orientadas al paisaje. El bambú le brinda a los países y a los socios para el desarrollo una infinidad de soluciones prácticas para el cambio climático. Si se reconoce como un recurso estratégico […]

Publicaciones de INBAR

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Cyanide in Bamboo Shoots

INBAR was involved in an active research programme to develop new food products from bamboo shoots. The objective of the research programme is to stimulate new uses of bamboo shoots in existing markets and to assist developing food security in food-poor areas.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Study of the Use of Bamboo in the Sericulture Sector in South India

This study aims to identify the importance of bamboo supply to sustain sericulture as an industry and the necessity to overcome problems in quality, quantity and sustenance of smooth supply of raw material for manufacture of equipment to the silk industry and find out ways and means to overcome problems of artisans, silk farmers and […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Current Status and Prospects of New House Construction Materials from Bamboo

Bamboo is widely recognized as one of the most important non-timber forest resources because of the high socio-economic benefits from bamboo based products. Bamboo based products are widely used in housing, furniture, packing, transport and other fields. With the development of advanced processing technologies, the utilisation of bamboo-based construction materials has tended to replace the initially […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Bamboo Biomass

A key issue in the profitability of bamboo plantations is the productivity that can be expected. This working paper summarises the accessible published information. The evidence is scant and contradictory. Consequently it is difficult to reach conclusive findings. However the working paper finds that the biomass of bamboo differs from that of tree crops by […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Evaluation of Bamboo Resources in Latin America

Latin America is the richest region of the Americas in terms of the diversity and number of woody bamboo species. Twenty genera and 429 species of woody bamboos are distributed from north-western Mexico to southern Chile. A listing of native woody bamboo species by country is provided in this work.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Institutions and Bamboo Production to Consumption System (A Comparative Study of China and India)

In the Indian forestry sector, bamboo is the most important sub-sector. Forests, in India, being in the state list of subjects for long time, and in the last two decades, there has been a drastic change in forest policy and the orientation of forest management in India. In the light of these changes in national policy, […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

China’s Bamboo Product Trade: Performance and Prospects

The proposed study is an integral part of the strategic agenda set by INBAR to conduct a series of research on bamboo economy in major production and trade countries through effective collaboration with local research partners. Aiming to give a thorough investigation on the subject of the Chinese bamboo product trade, it will collect and […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Socioeconomic Study for the Bamboo Sector in Costa Rica

This socioeconomic study of the bamboo sector in Costa Rica. This sector is extremely small, and its development depends on the specific politics that the current governments adopts, particularly in relation to housing which is one of the most viable uses of bamboo in the country.

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Uncovering the Green Gold of Indonesia: A Design Research on Bamboo’s Potential

In this research three discrete factors were explored in order to discover possible approaches to the development of this abundant natural resource. The three factors were: the contribution of advanced technology and improved treatment methods to improve bamboo’s material performance; the appropriate use of human resources through the application of appropriate technology; and the introduction […]

Publicaciones de INBAR - Documentos de trabajo

Bamboo in Abra: An Investigation of the Production-to-Consumption System

From May 1999 through November 1999, a study of the Abra bamboo production-to-consumption system was carried out. The study covered the 2 systems existing in Abra – one for round poles, and the other for crafts. The results are presented within the body of this report, problems and constraints to the systems are identified and […]