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Webinar: Bamboo policy: a roadmap for bamboo development

Webinar: Bamboo policy: a roadmap for bamboo development

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Theme: A Policy Roadmap for Bamboo Development

About the Webinar: 
This webinar will aim to unfold the potential boost that a bamboo policy could bring to a sector which is underdeveloped. The webinar will analyse the key obstacles slowing down the bamboo sector as well as the economic, social, industrial and technological opportunities that could emanate from a comprehensive development and adoption of a bamboo policy, for both, the bamboo producer countries and their whole value chains in economic, environmental and social terms. The specific objectives are:

  • To provide policymakers with a mechanism that can sustainably manage bamboo resources to derive economic, social and environmental benefits;
  • To establish a framework that can facilitate the development of bamboo value chains, enabling quality planting material production, bringing added value into product development, and thus creating a sustainable bamboo industry that can boost trade and commercialization of bamboo related products;
  • To encourage a bamboo regulation that can enable the conditions for investments into bamboo enterprises and industries;
  • To support the creation of national and country based coordination structures that clearly sets a coherent strategy of implementation of the bamboo policy, with different national government and civil society actors involved in the creation of the regulations.


Speakers include high-level policymakers from across INBAR Member States.

H. E. Mr. Jules Doret Ndongo, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife of Cameroon and current Chair of INBAR Council. H. E. Mr. Ndongo is also the Chair of the Council of Ministers of the Central African Forests Commission (COMIFAC), with the mission to sustainably manage the natural and forestry resources and wildlife, as well as the preservation of the ecosystems of the Congo Basin.

H.E. Mr. Xavier Lazo, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Ecuador and former Chair of INBAR Council. H. E. Mr. Lazo is also an Agricultural Engineer and a businessman of the agricultural sector, where he has lead several companies over the years.

H.E. Mr. Suresh Prabhu, India´s Sherpa to G7/G20 and Member of the Indian Parliament.
H. E. Mr. Prabhu has also held responsibilities as Minister at various Ministries, including: Environment and Forests, Commerce and Industry and Railways.

The webinar will also count with the participation as panelist of Professor Lu Wenming, Deputy Director General of INBAR and will be moderated by Mr. T.P. Subramony, Director of INBAR South Asia Regional Office and Mr. Borja De La Peña, INBAR Global Policy Officer.


9 March 2021

08:30 (Quito), 14:30 (Yaoundé), 19:00 (New Delhi), 21:30 (Beijing)

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