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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Webinar: Bamboo Textiles Industry Development

Webinar: Bamboo Textiles Industry Development

This webinar is free to attend. 

Theme: Bamboo Industry Development

About the webinar: 

Bamboo textiles are the deep processed, high-value addition products of bamboo. Bamboo is versatile and can be processed into various types of daily products to meet the needs of low to high-end markets.  The bamboo textile industry is featured by large-scale, extended value-chain, regional cooperation, specialised bamboo fibre technologies, product design and marketing. The bamboo textile industry connects the bamboo farmers in remote rural areas with global high-end markets, properly planned, highly effective, sustainable bamboo textile industry can promote the multi-participation of various stakeholders along the supply chain, to facilitate mutual benefits and a multi-win situation.

This webinar session was co-organized with TANBOOCEL UNION, an organization with many member enterprises that are committed to the development and promotion of bamboo textiles.  This session aims to provide an overview of present bamboo fibre and textile technologies, and the features of bamboo textile products, as well as the promotion of bamboo applications as renewable fibre.  For this webinar, TANBOOCEL UNION selected five enterprises specialized in processing raw bamboo fibre and towel, beddings and shirt making.


From Hebei Jigao Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd., Chief Engineer, Li Zhenfeng
Topic: Create Happy Life and Explore Values with Bamboo

From Sunvim Group Co., Ltd., Engineer Hu Song
Topic: Development of Fresh Series Bamboo Towel

From Jiangsu Goldsun Textile Science & Technology Co., Ltd., R&D Director Chen Hongxia.
Topic: Construction of the Healthy Sleep Micro-environment – Development of Bedding Fabrics in Post-epidemic Period

From Luthai Textile Co., Ltd., Engineer Jia Yunhui.
Topic: Green Development Promoting Transformation and Upgrading of Enterprise

Shandong Ruyi Technology Group Co., Ltd.,  Engineer Jiang Yuxin.
Topic: Pursue Green Manufacturing, Experience Fashion Life


Fu Jinhe, Director of East Africa Office, INBAR


13 April 2021
20:00 – 22:00 GMT+8 (Beijing)

Watch the webinar recording: