International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

07 Jun

International Conference on Non-conventional Materials and Technologies


NOCMAT is the international forum for researchers and practitioners who seek to apply non-conventional materials and technologies in the service of providing safe, sustainable, and affordable construction in a manner that respects local customs and promotes ecological harmony. NOCMAT 2022 will be held virtually in June 2022, with 18 hours of live presentations (over multiple tracks) spread over the course of three weeks. It is supported by INBAR.


The conference will cover the applications of non-conventional construction materials and technologies which can help reduce environmental and climate change impacts and provide safe, affordable construction. The organisers are currently accepting abstracts on the following conference themes:

  • Applications of bio-based and natural building materials and composites, including those fabricated from bamboo, hemp, straw and other natural fibres;
  • Earth-based construction and materials including fired and unfired clay, adobe, cob and rammed earth;
  • Other non-conventional materials, which may include vernacular materials, materials recovered from the waste stream and innovative materials such as mycelium;
  • Delivery of appropriate technological solutions for the construction industry focusing on non-conventional materials and technologies; and,
  • Socio-technical dimensions, such as social acceptance, circular economic models, community engagement, and promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the context of non-conventional materials and technologies.

For further details, including the schedule for submissions, conference calendar, and registration information, please consult the NOCMAT 2022 webpage:

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