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Online Course: Bamboo Weaving ‘Art and Techniques’

Online Course: Bamboo Weaving ‘Art and Techniques’

This course will introduce and demonstrate basic bamboo weaving techniques and technologies. It will help the starters of bamboo weaving to get familiar with the properties of selected bamboo species for woven products. Also, it will introduce the tools and equipment used for bamboo weaving, and a number of weaving patterns.


Master Li Jiayun

Master Li Jiayun is an intangible heritage person of bamboo weaving culture and art in Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.  Born in a traditional bamboo weaving art family in the Ancient Town of Yiliang County, Mr. Li is the fourth generation of this traditional art.  He has been working in bamboo weaving crafts for more than 40 years.  He is a Council Member of the Yunnan Folk Craft Artists Association, and a Professor of Yunnan Art University.  His representative work is a bamboo woven golden fish tank, which does not let a drop of water leak. His works had won golden prizes and silver prizes in many national cultural and handicraft expositions, which are collected in museums.


  • Selection, harvesting and treatment of bamboo poles
  • Introduction to tools and equipment
  • Primary processing and material preparation (measurement, cross-cutting, scraping, splitting, slivering)
  • Basic weaving techniques and patterns
  • Innovation and design of market-oriented bamboo weaving products. Bamboo craft cluster model (Enterprise + farmer model)
    Yunnan case study
  • Q&A and exchange sessions


Application Process:

The course is open to anyone, however, for the selection process, INBAR will give priority to:

  • Artisans and technical trainers in poor communities and small enterprises, craftsmen, women, entrepreneurs, managers of bamboo craft businesses, and students or researchers in bamboo art and craftsmanship.
  • Candidates between 18 years old and under 45 years old, who already have certain basic skills in bamboo weaving.
  • Participants who are able to prepare the required bamboo materials and tools.


Submit the online application form before 9 October 2021 and also send your  CV and nomination letter to
INBAR  will review all applications and selected participants will be sent an invitation on 10 October 2021.

20:00 – 23:00 GMT+8