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Bamboo Photo Competition

Bamboo Photo Competition

UPDATE: The Photo Competition results have been announced! Find out more here

The annual INBAR bamboo photo competition provides budding photographers, as well as bamboo enthusiasts, architects, artisans and more, a chance to showcase their experiences. People have a very tactile connection with bamboo plants and products, and a well-judged or beautifully shot image is worth a thousand words about our relationship with this impressive grass plant.

In 2020, judges received more than 100 entries from across the world, on a wide range of themes. From reflections on the calming ambience of bamboo forests, and the creatures which live in them, to vignettes of the people making and using bamboo products, entries displayed the stunning diversity of what bamboo can do.

The photo competition is always international, and this year was no different. Winning or highly commended photos were submitted from Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Uganda and more.

The winners of the competition were:

First place:

‘The best inheritance for our children and grandchildren is to teach how to take care of nature and bamboos.’ Credit: Raphael Paucar & Noelia Trillo.

Second place:

‘Transportation of bamboo culms in rural Ethiopia.’ Credit: Anthony Wood.

‘The Journey Portal’. Credit: Jessica Devnani.

Third place:

‘Bahay-kubo’. Credit: Anthony Into.

‘Four generations’. Credit: Kelly Cristina Michels Exterkotter.

‘Nursery school, Uganda’. Credit: Silvia Aratun Bertos.

You can see the winning images here in full.

The judges also chose 15 highly commended photos. Thank you to all who contributed to this competition!

Images for highly commended images below: ‘‘Bamboo Artisan Engagement in Kenya’. Credit: Andati Morris; ‘Bamboo skies’. Credit: Edouardo Calvo; ‘Colors and details of bamboo shoot’. Credit: Eliza Carneiro; ‘Smiling T4’. Credit: Francesco Intrieri – Bambusa Estudio; ‘Inside the multi-functional eco-salon’. Credit: Josué Samol Navichoc; ‘Weaving the bamboo roof’. Credit: Ivan Davila; ‘Panda enjoying bamboo shoots’. Credit: Muwanga Allan; ‘One wrong step and checkmate!’ Credit: Raphael Paucar & Noelia Trillo; ‘Bamboo in indigenous populations represents an ally to face climate change’. Credit: Raphael Paucar & Noelia Trillo; ‘Integral with nature’. Credit: Tejas Patil; ‘Transmodernity versus modernity: Baskets and boats’. Credit: Karla Colmenares Lizárraga.