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Webinar: Architectural use of bamboo culms

Webinar: Architectural use of bamboo culms

This webinar is part of the series ‘Bamboo: A Very Sustainable Construction Material’. It is a registered event. Meeting links will be sent to the provided email account of registered participants after the registration deadline. Registered participants who complete at least three sessions of the seminar will be able to get a Certificate of Participation issued by INBAR.

Session 1: Architectural use of bamboo culms

Speaker: Mauricio Cardenas Laverde, Founder of Studio Cardenas Conscious Design

Topic: Conscious design bamboo architecture

In the context of a global environmental crisis, coupled with economic and health challenges, the time has come for a radical cultural awareness. Politicians, architects, engineers, developers, construction companies, we all have an enormous responsibility as the construction industry and processes have an enormous negative impact on the environment. Bamboo is a key natural resource that, together with Conscious Design, draws a new direction for contemporary architecture.

Speaker: Song Yehao, Tenure Professor of School of Architecture at Tsinghua University, Deputy Chief Architect of THAD, Co-founder and Principal of SUP Atelier

Topic: Sustainable design of bamboo architecture in China

Speaker: Christian Salandanan, Principal Architect of Sangay Architects

Topic: Bamboo Architecture and Construction

The presentation about bamboo architecture and construction will show and question the untapped potential of bamboo as a building material, not only in a rural context but also on the urban and contemporary approach. It will also show how bamboo, could be maximized, and utilized in a way that it can deal with the everchanging needs of our contemporary times. It will also tackle different considerations in handling the material, Compare the status of the local and international application for bamboo construction and, determine the developmental possible points to advance the status of the bamboo industry in the Philippines.


Liu Kewei: Global Bamboo Construction Programme Coordinator of INBAR

David Trujillo: Chair of INBAR Construction Task Force, Assistant Professor at Coventry University

You can watch a video of the seminar on YouTube here: