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Webinar: Architectural use of engineered bamboo

Webinar: Architectural use of engineered bamboo

This webinar is part of the series ‘Bamboo: A Very Sustainable Construction Material’. It is a registered event. Meeting links will be sent to the provided email account of registered participants after the registration deadline. Registered participants who complete at least three sessions of the seminar will be able to get a Certificate of Participation issued by INBAR.

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Session 4: Architectural use of engineered bamboo

Speaker: Hao Lin, Managing Director of INTEGER Intelligent & Green Ltd, Director of the Oval Partnership Ltd

Topic: The craft of sustainability

INTEGER Ltd will share a few action research bamboo projects in China including multi-storey bamboo houses, the KMPG-CCTF community centre, and the Swire bamboo community centre, which aim to achieve holistic sustainability.

Speaker: Martin Tam, Founder & CEO of Able Mart Limited, Chairman of Bamboo Industry Committee of Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Topic: Bamboo for the 21st century

Bamboo is a strategic resource to combat global warming, the advancement of societal education and research, in multiple directions. This presentation attempts to cover the essential aspects and considerations necessary to support the bamboo revolution/revival, from plantation to harvesting, manufacturing to fabrication, marketing to product readiness, in all pillars of human activities.

Speaker: Hector Archila, Senior Lecturer at the University of the West of England, Founder Amphibia BASE Ltd, UK

Topic: Making the business case for engineered bamboo products

Over the past 20 years, extensive research and product development on engineered bamboo products have been done. However, most of the products that have made it to market are for non-structural purposes and have a high price tag. This contradicts common selling points of bamboo such as its low price and remarkable mechanical properties. This seminar looks at an alternative way of enabling the commercial viability of engineered bamboo products for structural applications, whilst making full use of bamboo’s extraordinary properties.


Borja De La Peña: Global Policy Officer of INBAR

Mauricio Cardenas Laverde: Founder of Studio Cardenas Conscious Design