International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Webinar: Bamboo Eco-Tourism Models

Webinar: Bamboo Eco-Tourism Models

Theme: Bamboo for Health and Welfare


In addition to their contribution to environmental management, food security, energy security, livelihoods, industry and economic development, bamboo forests can also be ideal for promoting sustainable tourism. Bamboo forests and groves offer fresh air, beautiful landscapes, and a favourable living condition. There are a number of bamboo-based eco-tourism sites in Asia and Latin America, illustrating the suitability of bamboo for sustainable tourism, on social, economic and environmental principles. Moreover, bamboo is an excellent eco-friendly construction material: a potential tourist attraction. This session will showcase a number of ecological bamboo tourism projects for leisure and healthcare purposes, for people to learn the values of bamboo in eco-tourism and leisure/healthcare tourism.


Chen Qibing, Professor, Sichuan Agricultural University, China

Dr. Ximena Londono, President of Colombia Bamboo Society, Colombia

Professor Li Jian, Zhejiang A & F University, China


Jin Wei, Capacity Building Manager, INBAR

You can watch the video on YouTube here