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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Webinar: Bamboo Sectoral Development for a Green Circular Economy in West Africa

Webinar: Bamboo Sectoral Development for a Green Circular Economy in West Africa

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Theme: Bamboo Sectoral Development for a Green Circular Economy in West Africa

Bamboo-based land restoration, agro-forestry, industrial products and applications are increasingly recognized as underestimated green deals and circular economies. Africa has the largest tropical footprint among the continents, which covers 13.3% of the global bamboo resources according to the 2020 Forest Resources Assessment (FRA 2020). However, only 1% of global bamboo export trade and 2% of imports were recorded, according to the International Bamboo and Rattan Trade Overview 2019. There are true opportunities to meet the bamboo-based green-circular economy in Africa.

This webinar is an initiative of the INBAR West Africa Regional Office (WARO). It will focus on the sustainable bamboo-based value-chains, quality bamboo products and a thriving bamboo market supporting economic transition in West Africa. To deal with this crucial and complex topic, INBAR works with Natureherit DC to develop a multi-actor dialogue that accentuates needs and mobilizes investment readiness to develop bamboo related sectors.

Six speakers in and outside of West Africa are invited with different know-how over the bamboo sectoral development status, green investment-finance approaches and integration of models. The webinar shall also involve a set of interesting and relevant interviewees to reflect on related aspects, achieving the multi-actor setting. Besides, INBAR and Natureherit shall publish an observation note that compares the “3R of Bamboo and Rattan” (Restore, Replace, Revitalize) in West Africa with other regions.

Invited speakers:

  • A governmental official from the Minister of Environment, Agriculture or Forestry of Sierra Leone
  • Mr. Ernest Nti Acheampong, Regional Director and Project Manager of Inter-Africa Bamboo Development Programme, INBAR WARO
  • Ms Marigold Adu, Global Bamboo Products Limited, Ghana
  • Mr. Iwan Meister, Advisor of Dutch Development Bank, The Netherlands
  • Mr. Mei Yunfei, Vice President of Zhejiang Anji Rural Commercial Bank, China
  • Mr. Luc Boeraeve, President of the American Bamboo Society, Secretary of Belgian Bamboo Society, Belgium


Moderated by

  • Ms. Wei Jin, Global Capacity Building Manager, INBAR
  • Ms. Xiaoying Liu, Chief Spatial Planner and Territorial Development Strategist of Natureherit DC, Spatial Planning Advisor for Regional Spatial Plans (2020-2035) in China, Expert member of Sino-EU Panel on Land & Soil (SEPLS) in the Netherlands and China



Thursday, 3 March 2022
11:30-13:40 GMT+0 Accra
12:30-14:40 GMT+1 Amsterdam
14:30-16:40 GMT+3 Nairobi
17:00-19:10 GMT+5:30 New Delhi
19:30-21:40 GMT+8 Beijing
06:30-08:40 GMT-5 Quito