International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Webinar: Bamboo for Conservation of Endangered Species

Webinar: Bamboo for Conservation of Endangered Species

Theme: Bamboo and Environmental Management


Bamboos are widely distributed across Asia, the Americas and Africa, covering an area of over 30 million hectares. They are an integral part of forest ecosystems. A number of the world’s most iconic and endangered species rely on bamboos for their survival, including the giant panda, the red panda, the mountain gorilla, the Bale Mountains vervet (also called “bale monkeys”) and certain types of lemur. This session will discuss the role of bamboo in conserving endangered species.


Prof. Yang Yunming, Professor, Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Bamboo Industry Society, Honorary Chair of Yunnan Bamboo & Rattan Association, Senior Scientist of China National Plateau Wetlands Research Center, Member of China National Committee of Endangered Species, China – download presentation

Mr. Christopher Masaba, Warden of Mgahinga National Park, Ugandan Wildlife Authority – download presentation

Prof. Jianguo Liu, Rachel Carson Chair in Sustainability & University Distinguished Professor Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability, Michigan State University – download presentation


14 July 2020

19:30-21:00 (Beijing, GMT+8)

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