International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization


Webinar: Bamboo-based Panels and Furniture

Webinar: Bamboo-based Panels and Furniture

Theme: Bamboo Industry Development


Engineered bamboo products are important and traded around the world. Over the past few decades a number of bamboo panels, boards, bamboo fibre composite products have been developed and commercialised. Bamboo panels and boards are used for cement molding, floor boards for containers, buses, trucks and trains. Bamboo scrimber materials (bamboo strand-woven materials/bamboo pressed logs) are used for outdoor decking, furniture and construction. Furniture products made of laminated bamboo materials are popular in the global market. This session will introduce the processing technologies, product development and applications of bamboo panels and board, and bamboo fiber composites..


Ms Yu Yan, Fujian HEQICHANG Bamboo Industry, Co. Ltd. China: “The development experiences of He Qi Chang Bamboo Industry Co. Ltd.

Prof Chen Yuhe, Researcher, China Bamboo Research and Development Center (CBRC), China: “Comprehensive utilisation of bamboo in household furnishing products

Prof. Yu Wenji, Wood Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF), China: “Key manufacturing technology and application of high performance bamboo-based fiber composites


Dr. Fu Jinhe, Director of East Africa Regional Office, INBAR

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