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Webinar: Structural use of bamboo culms (Part 2)

Webinar: Structural use of bamboo culms (Part 2)

This webinar is part of the series ‘Bamboo: A Very Sustainable Construction Material’. It is a registered event. Meeting links will be sent to the provided email account of registered participants after the registration deadline. Registered participants who complete at least three sessions of the seminar will be able to get a Certificate of Participation issued by INBAR.

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Session 3: Structural use of bamboo culms (Part 2)

Speaker: Zhuo Xin, Associate Professor of College of Civil Engineering and Architecture at Zhejiang University

Topic: Innovative multi-culm bamboo spatial lattice structures

The innovative multi-culm bamboo spatial lattice structures are composed of bamboo culm triangle installation units which are connected in the way that all simple connectors are the same. The topological relationship of this structural system differs from that of the traditional spatial lattice structures. A free-form surface lattice structures can be assembled in the way of tangent direction parallel connection between adjoining installation units. The bearing capacity of the structures can be strengthened in the way of normal direction parallel connection between adjoining installation units. The feasibility of this structural system has been validated by engineering applications.

Speaker: Luis Felipe Lopez, Head of Technology at Base Bahay Foundation in the Philippines

Topic: Research in the Philippines

Base Bahay Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing disaster-resilient, sustainable socialised housing for low-income families and disaster victims using the Cement-Bamboo Frame Technology (CBFT). However, though the CBFT has been tried and tested in our various projects around the country, Base remains dedicated to constant research and innovation for the optimization of the technology.

This can be achieved through the Base Innovation Center where Base conducts research on bamboo construction technology, in collaboration with various international and local universities. Together with our partner institutions, the BIC aims to further bamboo technology and promote this for widespread use.

Speaker: David Trujillo, Chair of INBAR Construction Task Force, Assistant Professor at Coventry University

Topic: Making bamboo a mainstream structural material

Bamboo has been used as a construction material for thousands of years and currently hundreds of millions of people live in bamboo housing across the world, yet it is still perceived as non-conventional material. This is because most of bamboo constructions are vernacular. Over the last 20 years a significant effort has been made to transform it into another engineering material. This presentation identifies the state-of-the-art of bamboo engineering, including the significant progress made in the development of standards (and codes) and also identifies the path yet to cover.


Durai Jayaraman: Global Programme Director of INBAR

Sebastian Kaminski: Senior Structural Engineer of Arup