International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

World Bamboo Day!

18 Sep

World Bamboo Day!

  • Date 18 September 2021

World Bamboo Day is an annual event that highlights this grass impressive contribution to income generation, environmental protection, deforestation prevention, biodiversity conservation and more around the world.

Bamboo is one of the world’s most valuable non-timber forest products, providing income for millions of people in rural communities. It is a fast-growing, renewable source of everything from food to fuel, furniture and flooring. In recent years, engineered bamboo materials have expanded bamboo’s potential to contribute to sustainable, affordable construction.

As well as its economic benefits, bamboo forests provide important environmental services: stabilising soil, raising the water table and providing an important carbon sink. INBAR Member States have committed to restore more than 5 million hectares of degraded land with bamboo in the coming decade. Bamboo also plays an important role in biodiversity conservation, as a source of habitat and shelter for several of the world’s most iconic and endangered species.

What is happening on #WorldBambooDay?


INBAR Bamboo and Rattan Photo Competition winners will be announced
18 September

In the context of World Bamboo Day, an insightful webinar on the product & market opportunities present for European Bamboo ‘From European Bamboo to agricultural good’
16 September, 12:00 CET

Launch of the video “Bamboo in the American Continent and the Caribbean”
18 September


” Planting bamboo in Mbalmayo-Akomnyada”
In collaboration with the National Forestry School of Cameroon, we will plant bamboo with the communities of Mbalmayo-Akomnyada.
18 September


“Planting guadua, raising awareness”
50 bamboo guadua seedlings will be planted with beneficiaries of the Bambuzonia project and maintenance of guadua plantations on the bank of the Guayabero river.
La Macarena, Meta, Colombia
18 September

“A respite to the environment”
A planting of 500 ‘chusquines’ of GaK will be carried out with the beneficiaries of the field school of the Embera Chami indigenous community, with support from the National Army and the Faith in Colombia program.
Florencia Caquetá Vereda San José de Canelos, Colombia
19 September


“Bamboo preparation session for the construction of the headquarters structure of teachers specialized in constructions with bamboo in Puerto Lópezz”
600 bamboo guadua cane culms will be cleaned with students from ETCSB and from the CEPROCAFE Field School for Sustainable Bamboo Management, as part of the guadua preservation process.
San Plácido, Portoviejo, Manabí, Ecuador
 14 September

“Bamboo reforestation day in Huamboya”
It will be reforested with 200 Dendrocalamus asper plants in the entrance streets to the canton.
GADM de Huamboya (camino de ingreso al cantón)-Morona Santiago, Ecuador
18 September

“Reforestation day in GADP San Isidro in coordination with MAATE”
100 Dendrocalamus asper plants will be reforested in the entrance areas of the Sangay National Park to form an arch.
GAD Parroquial de San Isidro-Macas-Morona Santiago (ingreso al PN Sangay), Ecuador
18 September


“Bamboo Plantation and awareness event in Sidama region”
An event of awareness creation and 3460 bamboo seedling plantations will be held in the Sidama region of the country in collaboration with the regional authority for environment, climate change and forestry. The plantation will cover five hectares of land. Ethiopia has also planned to hold a stakeholder dialogue workshop on the challenges and prospects of bamboo furniture makers and artisans who operate in the city of Addis Ababa.
Sidama and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  
18 and 21 September


“2000 bamboo seedlings in Akyem Abuakwa traditional area”
We are partnering with Okyeman Environmental Foundation to plant 2000 bamboo seedlings in the catchment area of the Birem River in the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Area in the Eastern region of Ghana
17 September


“Bamboo industry awareness event in Nandi County”
Kenya will celebrate the 12th edition of world bamboo day with a national theme of Bamboo for Water and Livelihoods. The celebration will be held at Kibirong Wetland in Nandi County of the country, to bring together stakeholders from different sectors to hold a deliberation on bamboo industry development in the country. More specifically the event will deal with Post covid-19 Bamboo Based Recovery Strategy for farmers and the private sector. The celebration will also include a ten KM run to create awareness of protecting wetlands by making use of bamboo.
Nandi County, Kenya
18 September 


“Propagating bamboo, generating dreams”
A community day will be held with beneficiaries and allies of the project, spreading 3,500 chusquines in the municipal nursery of Awajún.
Vivero Municipal Awajún, en el Distrito de Awajún- Región San Martín, Perú
17 September

“Bamboo plantation management”
Bamboo plantation cleaning day on the boardwalk on the banks of the Satipo River.
Malecón de la Provincia de Satipo, Región Junín, Perú
18 September

“Tasting of fish with kapiro (Bamboo)””
Preparation of fish, seasoned with local bamboo poles known as kapiro.
Radio Bambuzonía, Provincia de Satipo, Región Junín, Perú
18 September

“Radio interview for World Bamboo Day”
Special program with indigenous leaders and local authorities on the importance of bamboo.
Radio Bambuzonía, Provincia de Satipo, Región Junín, Perú
18 September


“Bamboo opportunities in agribusiness and  forestry”
Together with Uganda Industrial Research Institute and National Forestry Authority, we have planned a webinar on bamboo opportunities in agribusiness and forestry.
21 September