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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

Exhibitions and photos at BARC 2022


Exhibitions and photos at BARC 2022

“Bamboo in Cow Races” by Muhammad Syarif. S from Indonesia, winner of second prize in INBAR’s Photo Competition.

BARC 2022 hosted a range of colorful visual pieces, from company design exhibitions to winners of INBAR’s Photo Competition. 

At the Second Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress (BARC 2022), participants and speakers from around the world gathered to discuss the role of bamboo and rattan as nature-based solutions for sustainable development. On the sidelines of the congress, exhibition posters were organized and displayed online. Photos were also displayed online, grouped in the following themes: The INBAR Photo Competition; Bamboo and Rattan for the SDGs; Lancang-Mekong Design Award; and INBAR Member States.

Posters and designs were submitted by 30 organizations, ranging from the private and public sectors, governments and more. Companies from different industries were represented, with particularly strong representation from companies engaged in structural building materials. Other innovative companies showcased their products, such as medicine, arts and crafts, tableware and more. Many local governments and municipalities from China showcased exhibitions as well, highlighting collaboration between public and private sectors to help local livelihoods. And international bodies like UNEP-WCMC presented their long-term strategies and the ways in which bamboo and rattan can act as nature-based solutions for re-balancing the relationship between humankind and nature.

Highlighted as part of the exhibitions were the institutional strategies of international organizations like UNEP-WCMC.

The INBAR Photo Competition highlighted the winning and honorable mention photos from the organization’s annual photo contest, presenting the critical role bamboo and rattan play in livelihoods around the world. INBAR announced at the end of October the winners of the competition.

For the exhibition featuring Bamboo and Rattan for the SDGs, contributors took photos that particularly demonstrated the ways in which bamboo and rattan can help us achieve the SDGs, with a focus on the seven goals strategically targeted by INBAR.

The Lancang-Mekong Cooperation Design Competition launched under the theme “Weaving the Future.” Organizers wished to probe the imagination of people living in the Lancang-Mekong river to conceptualize what a sustainable future could truly look like. This exhibition features the winning posters and woven design works selected from the submissions.

And finally, the INBAR Member State Photo Exhibition showcased the colorful and varied ways in which bamboo and rattan are used across different INBAR Member States. This exhibition sought to make clear the multifunctional nature of bamboo and rattan, and their disparate and imaginative applications by communities found in all corners of the world.

These creative exhibitions brought color and delight to the congress, adding an artistic and imaginative element to the proceedings. All exhibitions and photos can be found on INBAR’s website for future viewing.