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The first radio program on bamboo is promoted from Peru


The first radio program on bamboo is promoted from Peru

The first radio program on bamboo will deliver clear, timely and practical information on the uses and benefits of bamboo every 15 days.

The first radio program in Latin América, dedicated to bamboo, was inaugurated last Friday at the facilities of Radio Libertad FM, in the province of Satipo, belonging to the department of Junín in Perú. This initiative is developed within the framework of the project “Innovation and promotion of bamboo through research-action processes for a resilient agriculture in Colombia, Ecuador and Perú, Bambuzonía”, promoted by INBAR together with the support of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Radio Libertad FM.

The Radio Bambuzonía recording set took 45 days to build with two species made of bamboo.

From the official set, built with two species of bamboo: Phyllostachis aurea and Guadua angustifolia, the first originating from Asia, but widely used in Latin America and the second native to the region, the first program was broadcast with the intervention of Maija Peltola, Country Director for Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Guyana of the IFAD; Borja de la Peña Escardó, INBAR Global Policies officer; Pablo Jácome, INBAR Regional Director and Carlos Falconí, INBAR’s Bambuzonía project manager.

During the broadcast, de la Peña Escardó commented that within INBAR’s objectives is “To contribute to restoring degraded lands globally, using bamboo and rattan.” In the same way, help producers and farmers to get out of the pandemic and generate income ”, he pointed out. For his part, Pablo Jácome highlighted the importance of promoting this natural resource in the region. “Bamboo is one of the most integral plants in the world, it is a giant grass, a fast-growing plant. “Bamboo has a great capacity to strengthen local economies,” he added.

“Bamboo has a great capacity to strengthen local economies”

Regarding IFAD’s work, Peltola explained that it focuses exclusively on transforming rural economies and food systems internationally.

Through Bambuzonía radio, it is expected to broadcast content on a fortnightly basis regarding the advantages and benefits that this natural resource offers in the region and in the world. In the same way, to be “the voice” of women, men and young people, who are betting on using this natural resource to boost local economies and help reduce the consequences of climate change.

“The Bambuzonía project is in Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.” “We are now a year and a half into the project, we have had many lessons learned and we have discovered the potential of the rural Amazonian sector of the three countries in relation to the development of this resource,” added Carlos Falconí, manager of the Bambuzonía project.

Dirk Pachary, will be in charge of conducting the program every 15 days.

As part of the team, which will be in charge of running the program is Dirk Pachary, a social communicator from the province of Satipo. Pachary, will be in charge of providing listeners with concrete, understandable and practical information regarding the advantages, uses and benefits that bamboo offers by experts from various corners of the world.

The first program will be broadcast on July 23 at 5:00 p.m., it is expected to address different perspectives of bamboo and hear those stories of those who decide to undertake using this natural resource, which has a great opportunity for sustainable development worldwide.