Qui sommes-nous ?

Qui sommes-nous ?

L’INBAR est une organisation intergouvernementale promouvant l’utilisation du bambou et du rotin pour une croissance verte et un développement respectueux de l’environnement. Elle compte 46 États membres.

About inbar



The International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) is a multilateral development organisation which promotes environmentally sustainable development using bamboo and rattan. It has 45 Members. In addition to its Secretariat headquarters in China, INBAR has regional offices in India, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Ecuador.

Its unique set-up makes INBAR an important representative for Members. With over 40 of its Members from the Global South, INBAR has played an especially strong role in promoting South-South cooperation for the last 20 years. Since its founding in 1997, it has been making a real difference to the lives of millions of people and environments around the world, with achievements in areas such as: raising standards; promoting safe, resilient bamboo construction; restoring degraded land; capacity-building; and informing green policy and Sustainable Development Goal objectives.



Bamboo and rattan are astounding resources with unique potential to combat poverty and natural resource challenges. They grow locally to some of the world’s poorest communities in the tropics and subtropics, and have many uses, providing a vast range of sustainable products, livelihood options and ecosystem services. If we can harness the potential of bamboo and rattan the Global South will be closer to achieving its ambitious development, climate and environmental aims, including the Sustainable Development Goals, green growth, REDD+ targets, the Paris Agreement commitments, and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.


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