Organisation Internationale pour le Bambou et le Rotin

Organisation Internationale pour le Bambou et le Rotin

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Ratan Lal Banik


Publications de l'INBAR - Technology Transfer Models

Homestead Bamboo Plantations

This TOTEM on Homestead Bamboo Plantations has been produced by Dr. Ratan Lal Banik at the Bangladesh Forest Research Institute. The report part of this TOTEM describes the technology for producing and establishing a homestead bamboo plantation for rural development in regions where bamboo is available as a raw material.

Publications de l'INBAR - Technical Reports

A Manual for Vegetative Propagation of Bamboos

The most endearing aspect of bamboo from the point of view of utility, perhaps, is that it comes almost ready-to-use. It could very well be that because of this singular feature, bamboo today is a much overexploited plant. The acute shortage, at least in some parts of the bamboo world, of raw materials has forced […]