Organisation Internationale pour le Bambou et le Rotin

Organisation Internationale pour le Bambou et le Rotin

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Publications de l'INBAR

Socio-economic and Market Study of Rattan and its Contribution to Livelihoods in Nepal

        Rattan is an important but often neglected non-timber forest product in Nepal. Until now there has been no comprehensive or systematic attempt to develop the sub-sector and  building sustainable value chains.        Given the great potential of rattan to contirbute to livelihood improvement in Nepal, INBAR commissioned the study, with the potential to identify the scope for […]

Bamboo and Rattan for Sustainable Development

        This brochure introduces how Bamboo and rattan, which grow across the Global South, can contribute to the achievement of at least seven of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Publications de l'INBAR - Rapports sur le commerce

International Trade of Bamboo and Rattan in China in 2017

China has the world’s largest market for international bamboo and rattan products.This report analyses China’s trade in bamboo and rattan products for 2017, based on analysis of UN COMTRADE statistics.

Publications de l'INBAR - Informations générales

INBAR 20th Anniversary Album

An album charting INBAR’s progress and achievements since its establishment in 1997.

Publications de l'INBAR - Revue annuelle

Resumen anual de INBAR 2016

El resumen anual 2016 describe las actividades, programas y publicaciones de INBAR.

Publications de l'INBAR - Rapports politiques

Vision for Bamboo and Rattan for ASEAN

This Vision highlights the opportunities for bamboo and rattan to play a key role in addressing climate change and promoting sustainable development among ASEAN’s ten member states, a majority of whom are members of INBAR and are bamboo- and rattan-producing countries.

Publications de l'INBAR - Newsletters

INBAR Construction Task Force Newsletter 2017 Q1

Since its establishment in 2014, the INBAR Construction Task Force has successfully built an effective mechanism to develop international standards, disseminate bamboo building knowledge and support global coordination on sustainable bamboo construction. The INBAR Construction Task Force Newsletter aims to share the latest research, project and publication information related to the key experts of the […]