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Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Bamboo Fodder Production and Utilisation Practices in Ethiopia

This manual provides basic information and knowledge about bamboo production and availability in Ethiopia, nutritive values of bamboo fodder species, bamboo fodder best bet management practices, improved bamboo fodder feeding packages for ruminant livestock, health management of animals feeding on bamboo fodder species and research gaps of bamboo fodder production.

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Experimentation and Trials on Bamboo Leaves as Fodder for Animals in Ethiopia

This study assesses the overall feeding value of bamboo fodder as a substitute for natural pasture hay from the basal diet of lactating high-grade cows following experimental trials conducted between November and February 2020 in Ethiopia.

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Post-Harvest Bamboo Treatment, Preservation and Storage Practices

This manual explains the various post-harvest treatment and preservation methods that can be applied to bamboo culms to increase their lifespan and durability. The manual serves as a guide to assist artisans, harvesters, bamboo retailers and other actors in the bamboo value chain in preparing and treating bamboo culms for product development.

Publications de l'INBAR - Policy Brief

Developing the Rattan Sector in Africa

Governments in Africa can prioritise rattan production by formulating policies on rattan production, providing funding for research, and supporting the development of standards for rattan products.

Publications de l'INBAR - Bamboo and Rattan Update



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Publications de l'INBAR - Bamboo and Rattan Update

Asia and the Pacific: Reflections on 25 Years: Bamboo and Rattan Update – Volume 3 Issue 2

From the rattan furniture markets of Indonesia to the soaring bamboo scaffolding of southern China, bamboo and rattan are embedded in countries and cultures across Asia and the Pacific. These non-timber forest plants play a critical role in economies and ecosystems alike. This special issue of INBAR’s magazine, Bamboo and Rattan Update, examines bamboo and […]

Manual de construcción de estructuras livianas con bambú en el Perú

El presente manual técnico tiene como objetivo promover el uso del bambú en la construcción, a través diseños innovadores que contemplan los criterios establecidos en la norma E-100 Bambú. Mediante una presentación de paso a paso, se describe con detalle todas las etapas constructivas desde el trazado hasta la culminación de la obra, permitiendo acompañar […]