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Organisation Internationale pour le Bambou et le Rotin

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Publications de l'INBAR - Annual Highlights

Revue annuelle de l’INBAR 2020

Cette revue annuelle résume les activités, les programmes et les publications de l’INBAR pendant l’année 2020. Cette publication est également disponible en anglais, espagnol et chinois

Publications de l'INBAR - General Information

Pourquoi le bambou est-il important pour lutter contre le changement climatique? – Fiche descriptive

Le bambou couvre environ 30 millions d’hectares dans les zones tropicale et subtropicale à travers le monde[i]. Il s’agit d’une ressource extrêmement stratégique – mais encore largement inexploitée – pour lutter contre les effets négatifs du changement climatique. [i] Organisation pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO). Évaluation des ressources forestières mondiales 2010. FAO : Rome, Italie.

Publications de l'INBAR

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

A Gender Assessment Study on Bamboo-based Rural Development and Utilization Activities – a Case Study in Yunnan, China

As the main output of a gender-specific field case study conducted in Yunan province, China, this paper provides a preliminary review and analysis of bamboo as both a forest resource and a livelihood means for rural people from the perspective of gender.

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Impact Assessment of Bamboo Shoots on Poverty Reduction in Lin’an, China

This paper gives an overview of the development of the bamboo shoot sector in Lin’an district, Hangzhou province, China, over the past eighteen years (1985-2002) and the results of a case study on its effect on poverty alleviation. The large quantity of data presented convincingly illustrates the positive impact of the bamboo shoot sector on […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

El sector productivo y el mercado regional de la guadua en el eje cafetero colombiano

El presente informe describe el sector productivo de la Guadua en el Eje Cafetero de Colombia. Se puede observar que la Guadua juega un papel muy importante en la vida del Eje Cafetero, aunque su valoración no es muy alta y la aceptación social de la materia, especialmente como material para la construcción, no es […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Experiment on Developing New Bamboo Shoots Crisps

This research developed a new crisp using fresh bamboo shoots, cornstarch and seasonings. The newly developed crisps have special flavor and taste. Compared with conventional snacks, they contain less fat and higher fibre.

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Sympodial Bamboo – Chemical Composition and Fiber Characteristics

The chemical composition and fiber characteristics of two sympodial bamboos have been studied in this paper. Based on analysis results, it has shown that the whangee bamboo is better than that of yunnanicus bamboo in utilization, because of its higher specific gravity, better fiber length and its distribution, higher wall/lumen ratio than those of yunnanicus […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Laminated Panel Manufacture of Two Kinds of Bamboo for Architecture Material and Property Comparison

The manufacture technologies of two kinds of bamboo laminated panel and their physicalmechanical properties have been studied in this paper. The results have shown that laminated bamboo panels can be produced by the splitting and regluing, and the mechanical properties reached or even exceeded some pine used in architecture.

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Current Status and Prospects of New Architectural Materials from Bamboo

This paper discusses the feasibility of technologies for using bamboo in middling and top-grade building construction, architecture decorating, and other major applications. The scope covers the current application of bamboo materials in the construction field; the bamboo bearing material technological process such as the laminated bamboo board, bamboo mat plywood processes; bamboo ceiling and wall […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

Bamboo for Pulp and Paper: A State of the Art Review With Annotated Bibliography

Bamboo is regarded as a major resource that meets the need of common people and also as a poverty alleviator due to its multi purpose uses. As a result of this, bamboo resources are of great importance in the rural socio-economy of several tropical countries. As pulp and paper being the major commercial bamboo consuming […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

A Study Comparing the Performance of Bamboo Mat Corrugated Board with Other Corrugated Boards

The physical mechanical performance of four kinds of corrugated roofing boards (bamboo, plastic, asbestos and steel) have been determined in the paper. The performance of the bamboo mat corrugated board has been compared with other three kinds of corrugated boards. The results have shown that the bamboo mat board has bery good properties in the […]

Publications de l'INBAR - Documents de travail

A Study on the Physical Properties of a Bamboo Moulding Compared with Wood and MDF Mouldings

Recently, glue-laminated bamboo normally used for flooring and panelling has been made into mouldings. The physical properties of such a bamboo moulding were studied, and the properties of it have been compared with other four kinds of mouldings, one MDF moulding and three solid wood mouldings. The bamboo moulding has excellent surface hardness and antinicking […]