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FTA Scientific Conference Kunming


FTA Scientific Conference Kunming

INBAR staff at the FTA Scientific Conference Kunming showed how bamboo and rattan can contribute to resilient landscapes, a green circular economy and sustainable food systems.

From 22-24 June, INBAR staff took part in a conference hosted by the CGIAR Forests, Trees and Agroforestry Programme (FTA) in Kunming, China.

Organised in a ‘hybrid’ format—with participants gathering in person in Kunming, and online—the FTA Scientific Conference Kunming provided a platform to present and discuss latest technical research on a number of themes, including agro-ecology, biodiversity, food security, landscape restoration and the circular economy.

INBAR staffmember Trinh ThanhLong was one of several staff presenting on bamboo’s uses for more resilient landscapes.

INBAR staff contributed a number of presentations to the conference themes, including bamboo’s relevance to the circular economy, its use as bioenergy and for land restoration, and the need for sustainable rattan plantations.

Following the conference, a number of INBAR staff took part in a two-day field trip to the Honghe region of Yunnan province, to visit the Centre for Mountain Futures. The Centre, which is supported by a wide range of Chinese and international partners including the World Agroforestry Centre, is dedicated to researching and piloting new methods for more sustainable land use. The Centre is already trialling bamboo for use in agroforestry systems, and is considering working more with rattan, which is abundant in the region.

INBAR is a partner of FTA, the world’s largest research for development programme to enhance the role of forests, trees and agroforestry in sustainable development and food security and to address climate change. In recent years, INBAR has published a number of reports with FTA funding, which explore bamboo and rattan’s applications as everything from carbon storage to cow fodder. All research can be found on the INBAR website.

Find the latest presentations given by INBAR staff on INBAR’s Slideshare account.

Read the latest report about bamboo in the circular economy, and a manual on establishing sustainable rattan plantations, below.

The on-site participants of the FTA Kunming Scientific Conference.


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