International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation

International Bamboo Construction Competition Finalists Announced

8 Jun 2019

The shortlist and finalists for IBCC 2019 have been announced.

8 June 2019 – In recent years, the global modern bamboo construction sector has made remarkable achievements: hundreds of large commercial projects are built using bamboo, and in November 2018, a quick-assembly bamboo slum housing design won the prestigious ‘Cities for our Future Challenge’ competition, co-ordinated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyers. However, bamboo’s potential in this sector has not yet been fully realised, in part due to a lack of capacity among bamboo construction professionals.

The International Bamboo Construction Competition (IBCC 2019) was established to redress this gap. IBCC 2019 is an international competition aimed at university students of architecture, civil engineering, landscape and other construction-related courses from across the world. The competition’s objective is to invite students to explore the potential construction applications for both bamboo poles and engineered bamboo products.

Since its launch in March, IBCC 2019 has proven very successful: the competition managers received more than 150 registrations from almost 30 countries by the end of April, and more than 70 designs from 12 countries were submitted online by the middle of May. On 5 June, applications closed, and the jury committee has since selected a winning award list.

The jury of IBCC 2019 was composed of 23 jurors from top universities and leading companies around the world. The Chairman of the committee is Kai Cui, an academic from the China Academy of Engineering and a chief architect of China Architectural Design Research Institute, as well as the designer of the China Pavilion at the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019. A full list of the other jurors can be found on the IBCC 2019 website.

The final shortlist is as follows:

The top three designs are House Loti, In-Box House and Machine of Bamboo. All the members of the three finalist teams are be invited to build the real bamboo house in the INBAR Garden at the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019, where the first, second and third prizes will be announced. The designs for all 15 shortlist designs can be found on the IBCC website.

IBCC 2019 is organised by the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, and co-organised by: Zhejiang University; the Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Institute; Tsinghua University; World Architecture; the Federation of Hong Kong Industries Bamboo Industry Committee; the Italian Bamboo Association; the Base Bahay Foundation; and Labirinto della Masone. It is sponsored by: Ganzhou Sentai Bamboo Wood Company of China; Hongyazhuyuan Science and Technology Company of China; Zhujing Bamboo Company of China; and Beijing Sino-Bamboo Culture and Technology Limited Company.

For more information about IBCC 2019, and the winning designs, visit the website at:

To find out more about the potential of bamboo construction, read here.

House Loti, designed by a team from the University of Liége, uses Lotus-inspired shape to adhere creatively to the competition theme, BLOOM.

‘In-Box House’, designed by a team from Addis Ababa University, can be constructed by a team of four people in just three days and can be customised depending on its use.



Machine in Bamboo, designed by a team from Nanjing University, is the third finalist that will be built in Beijing in July – the natural materials combined with square shapes, shady areas and viewing platform mean that this structure will make a perfect viewing platform for tourists.