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International Bamboo and Rattan Organization

In focus: the Sustainable Land Management Programme

27 Mar 2019

A review of INBAR’s land restoration project in Ethiopia.

INBAR’s technical support of the World Bank ‘Sustainable Land Management Programme’ in Ethiopia came to an end in late 2018. The project constituted one of INBAR’s main initiatives in Ethiopia.

Land degradation, a pervasive problem in many parts of Ethiopia, was the focus of a World Bank project.

The overall programme aims to reduce land degradation and improve land productivity across selected watersheds in targeted regions of Ethiopia. As a native species to Ethiopia, which has remarkable benefits for land restoration, bamboo was included in the project, and INBAR was chosen as the only provider of technical assistance for this component. Under the oversight of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resource (MoALR), for three years INBAR provided technical support in a number of targeted areas, to increase Ethiopia’s bamboo resources, and to transfer knowledge, skills and technology for bamboo seedling production, plantation and livelihoods development.

The project had a number of remarkable achievements, including:

Overall, the project showcased the importance of bamboo development and technologies transfer. INBAR worked with a large number of partners in the project, including Universities, research centres, private bamboo investors and the Ethiopian Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission. Their engagement helped raise awareness about bamboo’s usefulness for land restoration, among sectors which had previously not considered the plant.

The Sustainable Land Management project ended in December 2018, but INBAR is expecting to continue its work, under the forthcoming Resilient Landscape and Livelihood Project: an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Resources which is being supported by the World Bank.

A trainee displays the bamboo furniture products made during a training session.